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by Yash - 2 months ago

Samsung ushers in the era of the 1TB smartphone

Those rumors that Samsung's Galaxy S10 might come with a 1TB storage option may just be true.  Samsung announced on Tuesday that it's started to mass-produce its 1TB Universal Flash Storage (eUFS), the type that'll be used in smartphones of th...

by Yash - 2 months ago

Tesla launches new cheaper Model S and Model X

Tesla is tweaking its Model X and Model S lineup again. As spotted by Electrek, the automaker has launched cheaper versions of its Model X and Model S with a 100kWh battery pack, now that you can't buy the 75kWh iteration. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk says...

by Yash - 2 months ago

Apple really wants you to know that Apple News is dominating

It turns out Apple products are good for more than just spying on people.  In an otherwise dreary Jan. 29 earnings call, Apple executives had one standout bit of cheery news for wary investors: Apple News supposedly has the largest audience of...